But where does the radon go?


When we install a radon mitigation system, we first cut a small circular hole in your basement (if you don’t have a crawlspace). We place a pipe in the hole and run that pipe through your home towards the roof.

Depending on the home, we try to take the pipe through the garage, or unused space (closet, etc). Then we run it through your roof (and seal it even better than shingles) so it can vent out into the atmosphere.

Radon will follow the path of least resistance, so our job is to give it a path away from the interior of your home.
If we can’t run it through your house and attic, we’ll exit out the side of your home and put mitigation system and fan in the best place possible on the side of your home.

Either way we do it… you’ll immediately be breathing safer air.

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